Donnie Thompson

The State of Powerlifting today- MY THOUGHTS!

The State of Powerlifting today- MY THOUGHTS!
Lately, there has been alot of posting about the sport of powerlifting and what people miss or wish it was. Here is my take………Powerlifting is going in the direction that a majority of powerlifters want it to go! Yeah, gear is about gone, but it had its reign for about 14 years (Late 90’s through 2000’s). Most lifters enjoy lifting unequipped now. What’s wrong with that? NOTHING! Its what the lifters want. Majority of the lifters support two feds, USAPL & USPA! All the other federations combined make up the other third. 

As far as the future, powerlifting is a sport of the moment. With the injuries that can plague a lifters career, there is no guarantees for tomorrow. I see many lifters enjoying the nationals that one of the feds offer. The other enjoy the Olympia and the Arnold. For the Pro Unequipped, looks like the ‘Boss of Bosses’ is the meet to go after RUM kind of left off.
Single ply is hanging on. Geared has one or two meets a year and is barely alive. It is what the powerlifters want and the trend of where lifters choose to compete tends to support this. 

Everything cycles. (no pun intended) Single Ply will start to grow soon. Gear will come back in about 5-10 years better than ever. The human spirit will not suppress itself in one genre for very long. The drive to do the inhuman swells up in each and everyone of us that pushes the envelope. 

So as for me, I see nothing wrong with the world of powerlifting today. Yes it is different than when I competed. However, Football is a world apart from when I played. All sports evolve and then they all get better. Stay focused on your goals and your dreams only. Do not worry about what someone else is doing. Judge yourself only and with all others, Live and let Lift!
Love SuperD