Donnie Thompson


Social Media docs like (every one of them) can lead you down a wrong path. When you hear crap like hip hinge, impingement and alignment issues, have your alarm sound.

When a skinny ass PT or Chiro starts competing and taking test, their 500lb meet squat starts making them an expert.

Go with your gut on this. Study yourself. That’s what I did. I learned everything I could about ankles, lowerback/hips & shoulders. Got with ortho docs for guidance. I was on the QL & Psoas for low back strength before they even had their undergrad.

Social Media docs are vying for popularity and positioning themselves to be relevant.
Trying to be like Kelly Starret, they are actually of no use and compared more to an annoying idiot, like the bad use of the Roman numeral 8.

Seriously, go with what got you there. Hard work and determination. Don’t let some social media doc fuck with your head. They make me puke.

Not to mention they bring nothing to the table.