Donnie Thompson, Fat Pad


It is hard to build.  Hard to come by.  It’s usually accrued through experience. A culmination of wins & loses. Risks taken with no guarantees.  But in the end, you came through.
This journey, helps others with theirs. It encourages others to keep moving with their plans because they saw you do it and succeed after so much trial & error.
Credibility Theiving-
One thing that can be worse than physical violence is robbing one of their credibility.  You worked so hard on being innovative. Made small discoveries along the way. You start to do well and someone comes along and steals your concept. Then they lie about how they acquired the innovation.  They make up stories to discredit you and make you look like the fool that they really are.
Projecting? Maybe.
Cheating? Yes
Fair? No!
But unfortunately this happens all the time. Scumbags see an opportunity they didn’t work for, take it and run. Like a common criminal. A concept thief!
Recently, I have had two of my concepts stolen, manufactured and marketing under the names of the common crooks that came here and asked to see my prototypes. Long story short, neither were approached by me for business.  They literally just stopped by.  Since I knew them both for over 10 yrs, I obliged.
Now one is threatening me with legal action, the other is sueing me for the past 16 months…..over my own concept!
Now we have a company out there that literally copied my Rogue FatPad design, undercut the price and is snaking their product in the market now.
This type of thievery hurts my family. Cuts into my living. But most importantly robs me slowly of my credibility. If it wasnt for social media, I wouldn’t even have a voice.
The consumer can buy from whomever they want. I cannot influence one to do what’s right. However, you may save a few bucks going knock off, just remember the old fat guy came up with this not some carpet bagging family of crooks with no original thought.
I totalled 3000lbs in powerlifting at 46 years old. I had to know something (other than drug use) to be able to do that.  I will not be stolen from by ‘do nothings’
They may grow beards and play soldier boy on the side but these posers are all alike, riding the coattails of the successful to pretend. Pathetic.

Create your own credibility. Your hard work will pay off. Credibility in tact and in the end, you will be successful. Just know these bad things exist out there to destroy you.