Donnie Thompson

To Trend or not to Trend…..

My last meet was 6 years ago. Since then, I have kept my eye on things involving the world I love, powerlifting! Today, the world of powerlifting is a world of trends. Fads have replaced a strong foundation. There are so many trend changes on a monthly basis that its uncommon to see “steady wins the race” mentality.

The current trend is popularity. For example, “I am an #dotcomdoc! Therefore, my knowledge and degree supercedes your decades on the platform and the football field! Not only do I correct lifters with 40 NON-STOP YEARS OF LIFTING, I talk down to them and disrespect them!”

And then there is the popular lifter. Its not the top 3 best in our country (Sumner, Williams & Hoff)! You never hear about them except day of or after they inhumanly break world records. No, its the “almost powerlifter” that is bigtime. No records, no goals vested, they boast 11th best raw total of all time, without knee wraps no less….okay? They talk about how they deal and cope mentally with not reaching the numbers they so publically broadcasted they would do or die! This lifter gets 10k likes for his latest tattoo theme about the struggle! I find it funny is these trendsters only yield or show respect (not to the best lifters today) but only to the psuedo powerlifter who is more popular than them. The O’Hearn Syndrome!

And the girls. Yes you look great. Girls who powerlift is the growing cult. Get a vid on their IG and you made the big time! Empowerment through training deadlifts w/ booty shorts!! Then non stop poses of twisted selfies doing the ‘look at my abs’ pose hiking your drawers down to your pubic bone! Caption reads, “Today is REFEED!”
So inspiring. But, as a man I will look.

Are you a “Trendster”? Do you have latest garb and coolest techno crap accompanying your workout of the day? Or are you the original? Real deal. Your training is your own. You dont blow the social media scene up with your ‘almost’ did it stories! You are just that man or woman that some whisper about and when they do its, “damn did you hear of so&so? I cant believe know one knows of them they are out totalling everyone on the planet!”

The trend today is popularity. Period. So much so that when a trendster starts dropping in popularity what do they do?? Yep, they pair up with another “Trendster”! This ambiguous duo cannot be denied. This team up is now credible. Wow! But, in a year when lifters dont make long term progress on their trendy advice, they dump “team trendster!”

Remember the personal trainer picture from 90s, the Tom Pervis stability ball back squat? Well in 2025 the comic pic will be todays trendsters doing the “Missionary position weighted hip thrusts!” Its the bust move of the decade. Prove me wrong! Trendster!

What happened to originality? Original thought? Training hard all year long for decades, not a few months. “Off season” was when your gym shut its doors and you had to find another one before Squats that Saturday! Why do ‘trendsters’ seek popularity approval? Why? Mild case of Mental illness maybe? Who knows but its not helping you in the long run. What goes up must come down. You are hot today on your bullshit train, but tomorrow you are like the newspaper….no one reads it anymore.

Lifters, stay focused. Resist the urge to be a trendster. Turn down partnerships with todays trendsters seeking a strong alliance by using you for more popularity! Pick your genre and stay your course. Hoff, Sumner & Williams reign King in their respected fields. No one can beat them in the US. They stay focused, never dabbling in cross over lifting genres. They stay their course. They never lose sight of their prize, complete lifting domination.

You can learn from that. Popularity doesnt pay your light bill. At best, it makes you some sponsors bitch at expos. Popularity doesnt deliver on the platform. That is obvious. Popularity doesnt usually pair itself with honesty! Lastly, popularity is a trend, and trends are just that, a fleeing moment.

Make actual achievement of your lifes Powerlifting dreams your trend! Your Goals. I did. I had 3000 goals and popular trends weren’t one!