Donnie Thompson

About Donnie

Donnie Thompson worked 6 years for Progressive Sports Physical Therapy in West Columbia, South Carolina. He acted as the Strength and Mobility Director for the 10 clinics statewide. He insured the implementation of strength and advanced Rehabilitation techniques to physical therapists and assistants.

Donnie now works with athletes abroad teaching and implementing Stength Performance Therapy. Specializing in ankles, hips/lowerback & shoulders. His own methods are now protocols worldwide.

Football Career

In 1988, Donnie graduated from Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV. He earned 1st Team All-Conference Center his senior year, the only year he played center there. Donnie went on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a 1987 ‘Replacement’ player. Then Donnie was signed and played Center in the Arena Football League from 1988-1993 for 6 years. His Arena career included the New England Steamrollers, Pittsburgh Gladiators, New Orleans Night and the Albany Firebirds.

He was also in a feature film called, ‘The Program’ where he is an offensive center on the ESU college football team. Donnie’s name on the back of the Jersey was ‘Latham’ and can be seen throughout the entire film. The film featured James Caan as the head coach.

After his football career in 1993, he built and operated a commercial health club in the Columbia,SC area that he sold and is still operating today.Donnie can be viewed performing advanced PT techniques on YouTube at SuperDtv3000. He also has his own DVD for sale called ‘SuperD Performance Therapy’!

Powerlifting Career

In 1998, Donnie started competitive Powerlifting and has not turned back. He is the first human to ever total 3000lbs! Donnie has 8-all time World Records in Professional Powerlifting. Includes; 3 Bench Press records, 2 Squat records and 3 Total records! His 3000lb Powerlifting total Is now only shared with David Hoff. Industry gurus like Pavel, Kelly Starrett, Dick Hartzell and Louie Simmons have worked with Donnie personally in the past two decades. This led to his SHW victory at the2005 WPO Powerlifting Championships at the Arnold Classic. Three All-Time totals, two in 2008 and lastly in 2011. 2850lbs, 2905lbs and 3000lbs respectively! Pavel and Louie were backstage when Donnie pulled the 821lb deadlift for the win at the Arnold in‘05. Kelly worked with Donnie one on one prior to his World record squat of 1260lbs and also the 3000lb total in 2011. Dreams do come true!

Today Donnie has wrapped up his Powerlifting career with the chase and success of the 3000lb total. His knowledge collected over two decades in Rehab, Mobility and Strength have made it possible for him to continue with his endeavor. Donnie headed the InternationalPowerlifting Association (IPA) for two years. This helped powerlifting grow in the South and eventually feed National/World level for Professional competitions. The vision came to fruition with a two year contract to run the Westside Pro Invitational Powered by Rogue! This was the first time Professional Powerlifting came center stage since 2007 of the now defunct WPO. Over $22,000.00 was given away to the winners.

Donnie’s inventions include the famous Belt Squat Belt sold world wide through SpudInc. Three products in production now including; The Thompson FatPad by Rogue. The Thompson FatBells Powered by Rogue! Body Tempering devices which include the X-Wife, the Cheater, the Boom Stick and available now the Donnie Thompson’s BOWTIE by Spud Inc.

Strength Preparation

Donnie travels to many University, High School and training facilities throughout the country teaching and sharing his Powerlifting experiences and training methodologies! He is in high demand for his rehab techniques and Performance Therapy Protocol. Teaching eager athletes, trainers and coaches to help others increase and sustain performance from CrossFit to Football teams.

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