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A new method of strength training that crushes weakness out of the body!

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Disclaimer: Body Tempering is NOT rehabilitation (rehab), physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic or orthopedics; it has nothing remotely to do with medical practices, diagnosis, treating injuries and or body manipulation. It is a highly anaerobic method of strength training only!

There is limited amount of SCIENCE to back up these claims. Right now it is only thousands of hours of experience from dozens of people that compile this information.

Theory behind Body Tempering

Body Tempering was developed by Donnie Thompson in August of 2014. It started as a mistake and just kept growing. We were hearing of great athletes succumbing to hernia surgeries due to severe muscle adhesions. That is something we never wanted. There was no way we were getting on the floor and flopping around on foam rollers. We used KettleBells to diffuse abs and quads for years. PCV pipe too. These were very useful and worked well. Then one day, Levi the Fireman was lying on the floor rolling his abs with a KB. Donnie jokingly told him he would put the X-Wife (a 135lb steel cylinder) on him to roll his stomach out (the X-Wife was and is a drop cut piece of solid steel, 5 inches in diameter and 24 inches long and 135lbs). So with the X-Wife on Levi’s stomach, he commenced to rolling it over his entire upper body. He loved it. So Donnie went next. Then Joe, then Josh and then everyone else.

This led to us trying it on our backs. Then the backs of the legs. Then chest and shoulders. And finally, the Calves! It was brutal but it worked. We all but stopped stretching prior to training. If we missed a day, we got so addicted to being rolled that we started doing it everyday. It never got to be too much. We were all getting stronger and feeling better. By October, two NFL Centers were using it daily and right before the games on Sunday!

Body Tempering Podcast with legendary Joe Defranco and Super-D

Simply put, the X-Wife diffuses (Dispersal) tissue and its crushing weight relieves tightness involving fascia, muscle, veins, organs and nerves. They aid in ridding toxins (toxins are strongly acidic, metabolic waste and molecules associated with inflammation but not limited to) specifically from the fascia, veins and nerve encasement’s. Like a rolling pin kneading dough. Body Tempering is the fastest way to feel good again. Trigger points and muscle adhesions cannot hold up to the method. Nothing in the world even comes close to doing what the X-Wife can perform in seconds. This has peeked world wide interest. Body Tempering is actually a new old strength method, just much more efficient process than other forms of tempering. To think is all started here, in Columbia, SC at the Compound, in August of 2014.

Body Tempering Devices

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Performing Body Tempering on an athlete is a process in which we use these mechanisms to break tissue out of its adhesive state by being placed under a crushing load. This strength prepping helps to prevent hernias, tears, tweaks, muscle ruptures and protect against trauma. Promoting and increasing individual performance by allowing the body to work independently of muscle adhesion’s. Also, aligning the bone structure as it sees fit to do under the load of crushing forces. As of late, we started using the X-Wife for Muscle Pinpoint Tempering.

Most often an athlete just starts lifting weights. We all have been there. It works. However, what if we approached this with Strength Preparation in mind? For instance, NASCAR doesn’t just load its racecar in the trailer and dump it on the track for the next race. A crew of mechanics and engineers work on that car all week getting it ready to go the next weekend. The body is the same way. If you lift heavy, or plan to, you have to prepare. Having a body that holds up to the trauma of heavy lifting with minimal injuries is much better than being strong and broken all the time.

The methods and philosophy behind Body Tempering can be attributed to its designer & creator, Donnie Thompson! With the success that Body Tempering is bringing, many experts will try it, change it and then claim this system as their own. Repackage and rename it. Certify it. However, Donnie Thompson is its sole designer & creator! No one will take Body Tempering from him and make it their own. Plus, SuperD will out perform them every single time, as usual.

We recommend that the lighter athlete use the 90lb tempering device called the ‘Cheater’. When you get stronger and handle this easily, you may go to the larger, heavier X-Wife. The best sequence is to start with the anterior (front) side of the body. After, turn over and have your training partner roll your posterior chain. The whole process done correctly takes approximately 10-15 minutes. On the days you do not train, we suggest you spend 30 minutes strength prepping using Body Tempering as your workout.

Body Tempering is going to be the next breakthrough in strength prepping athletes for greatness. Football players, fighters, lifters and track athletes are just some to name a few. We roll every major muscle on the body we can get to. Quads, Hammies, Glutes, Adductors, IT-bands, Erectors, Traps, Abs, Obliques, Pecs, Biceps, Triceps, Tibialis, Forearm exstensors/flexors and hands and bottoms of feet. The result is a much stronger body over time.

Flexibility and stretching are good. However, getting stronger using this new strength building technique is preventing bad things happening to the body. Imagine a your best athletes with a decreased injury rate? All because you got them stronger. What can that do for your sport? For all sports?

We have long awaited something ‘new’ to come from the horizon. The wait is over. In nearly 2 decades, this is the first new strength training method to come along that will actually deliver more than what it claims to do. Body Tempering and the X-Wife are here to stay. It is so important, that it is free. You can have your own “X-Wife” made. All the information is on here.

Innovator of Body Tempering is Donnie Thompson

Many people are loving this new strength training method. Make sure and be ABSOLUTELY positive with ZERO doubt that you know Donnie Thompson came up with this strengthening method called Body Tempering. He was not influenced by anyone, nor was he steered here by some guru or by some power lifter who just wrote a book! This was completely innovated right here in SC at my gym, The Compound. We stumbled on it together (Billy Warren, Joseph McDougall, Levi Niswander, Neil Foy, Danielle Curry, Madeleine Giess, Joshua Anderson, Ryan Groneman, Paul Childress and Dougie Edmundson)

Highland Game and Powerlifters like Ryan Stewart, Big Mike Nease, Chris Duffun, Shawna Mendelson, David Hoff, Josh Conley, Ambre Pigeonlover, Mark Ferris, Kevin Smitty, Gary Emrich, Bruce Mendoza, Travis Futrell and Troy Rose can all vouch for the fact they saw it here first with me zealously trying to get them to do it. I do not mind people getting their own made, I admonish it.

Lately, people are using KettleBells to roll their legs and back calling it muscle smashing! We have been doing that since 2004. Call it what you want, but the Body Tempering method started here. No more KB’s just the X-Wife for us.

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